The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

The Marcella Boys – Eating it up! December 14, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Who wants to see the boys reaction to their first solid food? I do, I do! In actuality, it looks just like we’re feeding them formula from a spoon, because we gradually have to increase the consistency of the food.  For those of you wanting to watch on a mobile device, Sorry, YouTube is not allowing me to check the setting to release it,which may have something to do with the music rights in the video.  Anyway, enjoy from the comfort of your desk chair!


Changes… December 10, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella
When I started this blog, I was so excited Laura and I were having twins – I’m not sure any of you actually knew that, I think I played it pretty close to the chest. Anyhow, the months, days, even hours leading up to their birth, I shared EVERYTHING, to the extent that some of you may have even said to yourselves (or out loud) keep it to yourself man! Then something happened, they came early. It was unexpected, we were petrified at first, it was a change, they were a change, and boy did they change our worlds. What once was a quite evening on the couch became “let’s try to cram a half hour show on our DVR in before the boys wake up!” and when date night used to be a night out the movies is now “let’s watch this DVD on the couch, and pass out 15 minutes in”. These changes aren’t bad, just the way it is now. When once I could write 750 words in a blog entry (you know you read that one) – I now struggle to get a video out here and there, it’s change. By the way, I got a ton of raw video footage to put together another short movie for you…. but I’m getting off topic. The other day I was looking thru pictures on my phone and I couldn’t believe what I saw… CHANGE (wow, you are paying attention). I put together a few shots so you can see for yourself, it’s remarkable all this happened in 4 months!

Logan – days after birth, I almost don’t recognize him. Notice the blue monkey (duh Gary, how could I miss it!) he was born 5lb, 9oz for those that need a memory boost.

Logan at almost 5 months, notice the blue… you see it! He is now 15lb, 6oz – AND bigger than his brother!

Grady – days after birth. Full head o hair, 6lb, 10oz, a mini, mini, MINI spitting image of me!

Grady at almost 5 months… He’s 14lb, 15oz, his brother overtook him!

Together – these two changed so much since they were first born, but one thing hasn’t changed -our love for them!! They each have their own little personalities. Grady gives away smiles and laughs like it’s going out of style. Logan on the other hand is our little Mr. serious, you gotta work extra hard to get him to crack a smile, but when he does, it’s awesome. They both have blue eyes – Grady’s are light, a sky blue. His eyes are intense, and bug out sometimes – you can see the white all around them, it’s hilarious. Logan’s eyes are deeper blue, and when he stares at you, you can see he’s trying to figure something out. They both have teeth poking out in the same exact spot in their mouths – its so cute. There is only one change I dread right now… The diaper!


The Marcella Boys – On A Roll November 5, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

For those of you who don’t remember, I’m Gary and I have twins, I started this blog… In all seriousness, I know it’s been a while since my last post, and a TON of stuff has happened.  It all goes by so quickly – in the blink of an eye they are both almost 14 lbs, they are so happy and just joyful – its great, when I come home now from work, they are so happy to see me – Logan shouts out MOMMA!!!  Grandma is teaching him that one.  On Wednesday this week, Grady was the first of the boys to roll over, he took us by surprise.  I turned him back over and grabbed the camera, but not in time – he rolled AGAIN!!  This time, I got the camera all ready, turned him, and just like that… NOTHING!  Well, today was a different story, Logan this time.  I caught you little guy (I’m not so little anymore, I weigh 2 ounces more than my brother!!).  Here’s a short video of the joyous occasion.  I’ll try to get some other updates out soon, they are doing much better sleeping these days… I have the Christening to talk about, Grandma watching the boys in the mornings, lots of materials.  In the meantime, enjoy this video – I’ll try to get more posts out!






The Marcella Boys: You Make Me Smile! October 1, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

This week, I returned back to work for the first time since the boys were born (well, for the first time since April really), and I have to say I miss Grady and Logan so much when I am away!  I got so used to seeing them every minute of the day, holding them and loving them that when I am away, a part of me is still sad that I am not with them (and another part of me – my wallet, is jumping for joy that I am earning again! – and YES my wallet is a part of me).  I will tell you one thing, it may be my sheer joy to see the boys on my part (and the lack of sleep) that is making me hallucinate, but I swear when I get home and the boys finally realize I am there, they both light up in smiles!! At any rate, I know posts have been few and far between, and for my loyal readers, I apologize for that, but I have been so tired lately – I can barely function.

The story of this movie is really two fold.  First, Laura decided to make a few videos of the boys to show me when I got home the other day, just a few short clips of the boys being cute – which inspired me.  I set them and some other stock footage I had in the can to music, and you know what, the video seems to go perfectly with the words, almost like they were meant to be.  Second, to Laura, my loving wife.  Today is our Anniversary 10.1.11- 6 years married, however we’ve been together for nearly 15 years now, and I have never been so happy as I am right at this moment.  I love you so much and this video is for you – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LAURA!!

I hope you all enjoy!


The Marcella Boys: All of the Lights… September 11, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

So, as you can tell, I have been messing around with iMovie a bunch and really having a blast with it.  Here is a compilation of videos and random pictures I took of Grady & Logan set to music.  As a note, all the music I use is from my personal ipod collection, it’s stuff that I enjoy, so I hope you enjoy as well.  I have a bunch of ideas for “short” movies in my head, so if you’re down for watching em, I’ll pump em out (well, lets be honest, even if you didn’t watch them, I’d still make em!).

Also – a special Thank You to Kanye West for creating such great music despite being the biggest tool on the planet!





How to feed Twins (by yourself)… September 9, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Pop quiz – it’s 3:30 AM and out of your semi comatose state, you hear a baby cry, what do you do?. Quickly you think to yourself “is it my turn?” and when you realize it is, a four letter expletive is all you can muster up. This is a step by step guide to the feeding frenzy of twin boys solo – yes solo. If you and your partner ever want to get an ounce of sleep, you each must take a night shift by yourselves. I wish I had this guide before I had to wing it on my own, but low and behold, I won’t let any of you suffer the same fate I did!

Follow these simple steps to Twin Feedings!

The next thing that runs through your mind – did I hear one voice or two? This is a critical observation, you need to prepare yourself for what is to come. If its one, you quite possibly hit the lottery – not because you only have to feed one kid, you still have to feed them both, but NOT AT THE SAME TIME! After these initial observations – it’s time to spring into action (and don’t ever say “eh, I think I can sleep like 3 more minutes – rip the band-aid off and get it over with – 3 minutes quickly snowballs to 20, and then for sure they are both up!)

Step 1 – THE most important step – head to the bathroom. You have just signed yourself up for an upwards of an hour and a half session, the last thing you want to have happen is a bladder attack (or worse) in the middle. Remember, there is NO pause button, there is no timeout in feeding, this is your only option (well, you could try adult diapers, but trust me – hit the head and keep your dignity). If you must stop the feeding frenzy, you are going to break a critical Rule see – Step 3 (but don’t skip 2 – that is important).

Step 2 – Go straight to the kitchen to get the bottle ready. If you have to pass a hallway where the kids are, resist the urge to give away your presence (again, See Step 3) – memorize the path in the dark if you have to, but DO NOT check on them – you know they are hungry, a creek of the floorboards, a clumsy light switch and you have a monster problem and your bottle is not even ready. Once the bottles are ready, bring them with you to the danger zone, you’ll need them, or you’re liable to lose a finger!

Play your cards right, and Logan sleeping here is your end result

Step 3 – At all costs, DO NOT LET The Twins get more “awake” than they already are. This too is an important step. Once they open their eyes fully – you have a good chance of waking up “The Gremlins” (see the Gremlin post and video if you don’t believe me). This step means you should quickly access which baby is MOST agitated. In my case, it’s likely Logan – he is unreasonable at feeding time. Grab your target and immediately change him. This takes a bit of time and you have to hear screaming initially, but its critical you change him now and not after when he is sleepy from the milk coma that will ensue. You also run the risk of your baby pooping at feeding (Grady is NOTORIOUS for this, but waking him at the end is a worse fate if you do not need to). Also – this is why the bathroom trip is so critical, if these babies have 30 seconds without food pouring down their throats – well, you now have a gremlin on your hands.

Step 4 – You must have a vehicle for propping up your babies, boppy’s work well, but I prefer the bouncer seats – they are taller and it allows me to sit in the glider for the show (Plus it gives me the high ground in case a battle breaks out – I don’t want to be in the trenches). Strap your child in (this could come in handy later like in step 7) – Repeat step 3 and 4 for your second bundle of hunger, move them close together and you’re ready to go (see picture above).

Step 5 – God gave you two hands… USE THEM!! One bottle in the left, one bottle in the right and bring them in to the kill zone – their mouths!! They will tear into the bottles with a fury you have never seen before – as if you have been starving them since birth when clearly you are not. (Grady is up to 10 lbs and our little Peanut Logan is a whopping 9 lb, 3 oz). Don’t think your feet are free to do whatever they want – those chairs they are in are bouncers, when the end nears, you need to be working those bouncers with both feet – remember your ultimate goal here is to get them BACK TO SLEEP so you, in turn can go BACK TO SLEEP!!

You want to walk out the nursery and see Grady like this as you look back!

Step 6 – (Optional for the Brave – not for the weak at heart – Skip to Step 7 you weakies) If you are lucky, one baby will get a bit sleepier before the other – this is an opportunity, but very risky move only for the most experienced. You can cease feeding one and pick up the other to concentrate on getting him finished off. You run the risk of at any second, that baby wakes up and becomes FURIOUS that you stopped feeding him – even though it was him who stopped (I chalk that up to short term memory loss? – Oh, they’re babies!!). I have attempted this twice – one time went perfectly, and the second – yep crash and burn. Keep in mind step 3 at all times – you don’t want him waking up and your hands are tied, because now not only do you have one screaming baby, if you opt to put the other baby down, you run the risk of doing the exact same thing to your second – you see how this can easily spiral out of control and you are up TWICE AS LONG! PLEASE – stick to the plan and only when you have this original process mastered should you try Step 6 (and by no means do I have this mastered).

Step 7 – Bring in the closer! This step is critical, you need a closing move to transition a sleeping baby from chair to bed without stirring them. I like the baby body to chest, head on my shoulder rubbing his back. This is a great finishing move, but don’t go too fast. No doubt by now you are exhausted (no, not from reading this post – from feeding funny guy) – but if you screw up the closer, you are in for it. Other closing moves are baby in lap in the glider (but then you gotta get up from the glider – CAREFUL!). Of course, there is always the sort of cheating way of letting them sleep in the chairs – they are strapped in, and pretty much sleep in those things during the day, but I like a little challenge – I’m a gambler! Once the final baby hits the mattress – RUN!! Get out of there as quickly as possible, don’t get lulled back in by a simple moan or cough – that’s a gremlin trap. Get to your room and climb back in bed, you did well!

There you have it – if you’re planning on having twins, this is a MUST READ! (or if you just want to know how fortunate you are you don’t have twins, or even if you want to laugh at my expense). It felt good to get a full post out – I’ll try to do that more often, its fun!


A Gremlin Sighting in Connecticut September 7, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Well, I was able to capture what few have lived to share on video. This footage is of an actual gremlin in action, a feeding frenzy so to speak. Be on the lookout for your own gremlins, they are everywhere, you just need to know what to look for! On a related topic, Laura and I decided to put Gremlins into our Netflix que since all the talk of recent sightings. Great news, it came in today, this should be hilarious to watch! Can’t wait to fall asleep to it soon!

NOTE: I fixed the privacy issue with the video. Sorry to the early post readers who were inconvenienced


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