The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

Navigating the Minefield July 25, 2013

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by: Gary Marcella

Chilling on our Picnic Table

Chilling on our Picnic Table

The term “Navigating The Minefield” is one I coined recently for very appropriate reasons – let’s get into it. It all started when we put the kids to bed, well, put them “IN” bed, then subsequently wait an hour or so for Grady to fall asleep. After long days of working, getting the kids ready for bed, etc… both Laura and I have to make a late dinner and get to sit on the couch to relax and watch a few shows if we’re lucky enough to stay awake long enough. So when it finally comes time that we can’t physically stay awake any longer, we head to bed. Well – sometimes that means not cleaning up the toys in the hallway/living room first. I tend to “forget” to get things like a glass of water, or to, you know, lock the doors – so I have to get up quite frequently once I’ve entered the bedroom and initiated “sleep” mode. I’ve got this rule that once the kids are sleeping, no excess light outside the door should be shown as to not initiate “wake” mode for the boys. So here’s how this goes – our bedroom is directly down the hall from the boy’s room, which is on the way to the kitchen and the rest of the house – so the hallway light is deemed off-limits by my dysfunctional rules. Here is where you can see the minefield comes into play. So often I find myself shuffling my feet and literally praying I don’t break my neck on a toy, or worse, step on a corner of a stupid plastic toy that will just annoy me enough to grunt loudly and run the risk of waking up the boys. It’s a dance that could EASILY be avoided by taking 5 stupid minutes to clean, but do we do it… NOPE! Anyway – Navigating the Minefield, at least I know that if I ever do leave the door unlocked and someone were to come in – they have no idea there IS a minefield… hahahah.

And on that note – Welcome back! Its been what seems like forever since my last post, I realize most of you haven’t seen pictures of them in a while, nor had the pleasure of reading some snarky sarcastic stories from me. I’m sure you could do without one of those, but too bad – you get the good with the bad!!

Guess What?? THE BOYS ARE TWO!! We just celebrated their birthday on Sunday and the boys had such a great time with everyone, it was awesome! Mom, Dad, and Grandma all got a fence for the boy’s birthday, in turn the boys got the freedom of going outside more often (while being confined to the yard roughly the size of a large prison cell). The boys were so spoiled by everyone at the party tho, so they will have new things to play with for quite some time (and effectively supplying more mines for my hallway).

We went to the Doc today for their 2 year checkup, here’s how they measure up.

Grady (the elder): 26lb, 4oz – 34 1/4 inches tall
Logan (little bro): 30lb, 2oz – 35 1/4 inches tall

These two couldn’t be more different, from their size to their hair – different. Logan plows through everything in his path, runs and jumps everywhere, and is what only can be described as a “Bull in a China Shop”. Grady is slower in speed, much more reserved but very much “Higher Maintenance” – you can tell he’s thinking and taking everything in. Both of their vocabularies are excellent, they put together 2-3 word sentences and will parrot anything you say… ANYTHING!!! They have hijacked my iPad (“truck game” as Logan Calls it – even though he doesn’t really want to play the truck game) and Grandma’s Nook and to be honest, may be better with the things than we are!!

Below is a little video I put together of their interactions with each other – it’s quite comical at times.


The Marcella Boys – Brothers September 2, 2012

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By: Gary Marcella

By now, you’re probably thinking I abandon ship on the blog! It’s been forever and a day nice my last post. Well, not true. I am guilty of haphazardly leaking blog worthy content onto Facebook because it’s quick and easy, and quite frankly – I am getting lazy.  But I do realize part of my audience (non Facebook) thinks the boys just stopped growing and are doing absolutely nothing interesting, which is 100% true…haha – actually, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Lets see – what has happened since my last post…humm, oh yea… Logan started walking at 11 months, and literally hasn’t stood still ever since.  Grady is such a good eater, he knows how to use his spoon to feed himself, and drinks really well out of a sippy cup.  They turned 1 on July 21st and had the best time ever at their party.

Logan has taken to running, and bulls over anything in his path, including Grady, and even Dada when he is squatted down (yep, he pushed me down on my keister).  Grady just started to stand on his own, he’s gonna be walking any day.

We’ve visited the Zoo in Rhode Island and the Water park in Waterbury, it’s been a great summer so far – the only problem is, time is flying by too fast!!

I put together this little video – I had to keep it short…ish, but don’t worry, I have plenty more content for posts, posts, and posts galore!!  Enjoy!



The Marcella Boys – Happy Mothers Day May 16, 2012

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By: Gary Marcella


Grady & Logan Enjoying the Weather

It’s the Wednesday after Mothers Day and I’m just getting around to this post.  It’s been a crazy week – poor Grady has the flu… He’s doing well, the Doctor says he can’t do anything for him, too young to give him medicine, but he is taking it like a champ!  Other than that – the boys went for their 9 month checkup (even tho they are almost 10 months).  Grady measures in at a measly 18lb, 12oz – 28 3/4 inches.  Logan on the other hand is a whopping 20lb, 9oz and measures up 29 1/4 inches.  It’s at the point where we can distinctly tell the difference holding each of them.  Apparently they both have pumpkin heads – 18 1/2 inch circumference (90th percentile),

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

I am surprised those hats still fit them! I am kidding of course, the nurse said their head size was excellent – besides, how can I talk, they take after Dad!

Anyway – there’s the update on the boys – they are growing so fast, it seems like just yesterday we took them home from the hospital, but in reality there is only two months till their 1st birthday!

So back to the subject at hand – MOTHERS DAY!  Laura’s first – and let me tell you, those boys LOVE their mother – they spoiled her!  Pictured to the right is the gift they gave her, a gold heart pendant with two natural Rubies representing their birthstones.  I tried to convince them that yellow gold was hard to come by, but they insisted that they love to pull on the yellow shiny things around Mom’s neck!  Aside from the gift, the boys made their own mark on a card for Laura – which is contained below in the movie, which I showed Laura on Sunday after she opened the card.  Let me just say this… don’t give babies markers.. just don’t!  Seems like common sense, but apparently not to me.  Its rather an amusing clip – check it out, you’ll see it is difficult to record, and monitor the marker usage – video quality is evident of this.  We had a little picnic for Mothers day, both Grandmas and Great Grammy were honored, as well as Dana, Mya’s mom!  The rest of our families showed up as well and everyone got some pictures and magnets of the boys recent photo shoot – it turned out to be beautiful weather and just a great day.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Laura!


The Marcella Boys – Baby Races! May 4, 2012

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By: Gary Marcella

So as you can imagine, life with twins can get rather boring and monotonous.. hahah, yea right!  But sometimes we do have to do things to amuse ourselves and keep the babies entertained at the same time.  Baby Races was born last night!  Rules are simple – we stick the two kids at the far end of the hallway, and, that’s right, watch crawl towards us.  Simple, entertaining, and a potential revenue stream (kidding, I’m not going to be the kingpin of an intricate ring of underground baby race gambling.. never even crossed my mind!).

I learned something in the taping of this video – Logan will do ANYTHING to win, even if it involves taking out his brother!  Take a look, see for yourself!


The Marcella Boys – Take Two April 22, 2012

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by: Gary Marcella (Fixed the Problem with the video!)

The month of April has flew (flown??, you get the picture) by.  They weather has been fantastic, but up till today, the term “April Showers” was more like an April Fools joke than reality.  All the rain, and Laura away at a bridal shower today prompted me to put this video together of a recent photo shoot I’ll get to in a minute (HONESTLY, Don’t skip to the video…. read on – this is gonna be a good post).  With the months of 2012 flying by (nailed it), the boys are creeping closer to the year mark, while Laura and I are escalating in age at what seems to be a more rapid pace for some reason.  April 19th was Laura’s birthday, followed closely by the Boys 9 month milestone (lucky for Laura the boys didn’t trump HER birthday – but I’m not bitter).

This has been a HUGE month for the boys.  Grady sat up on his own for the first time, followed by Logan taking off crawling.  Grady, not to be outdone decided not only to crawl, but to start pulling himself up on things prompting me to not only lower the crib mattresses but also what I call “De-grownup-izing” the living room by taking away the coffee table, nick-knacks and tables which could topple.  The room would look larger, if not for the dozens and dozens of toys and such we just took out to replace the space.  I also find it funny that despite all the toys, I spot Logan playing with a plastic Gerber baby food container lid… unbelievable!!  Back to Laura’s birthday – as part of her gifts, I made an appointment for the boys and our niece, Mya to get some professional pictures taken.  (Laura’s other present from me was a pair of tiny boys swim suits that despite efforts, will not fit her).  We only have taken the boys to get pictures done once before, they were about 2 weeks old, and that was a disaster – so I am entering this very nervously.  The place we choose to go is in South WIndsor @9:50am, which adds to the stress levels having to drive 45 minutes.  We picked this place from an ad in the paper for a $9.99 package that had a ton of pictures – but let me just tell you, I walked out of there spending a tad bit more (they know what they are doing!). The photographer was nice, I do feel like she rushed us a bit, and there were some duds, and some really nice pictures – but none that made our JAW drop like we had hoped for.  Her quota was 60 pictures to take, she wound up snapping 123 shots (what can I say, she had some really, really cute targets to shoot)!

The following video is a montage of the majority of the pictures taken that fateful day – I wound up getting a package that included a CD with all the pictures (big surprise, right?).  Good news is that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these pictures the second I popped the disc in the computer, bad news is that due to copy-write rules, YouTube sucks, and this happens to be “Take Two” of uploading the video…  Anyways –  ENJOY (I did making it)… ( is the link in case below does not work)


The Marcella Boys – Taking a Spin March 31, 2012

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By: Gary Marcella

Mild Mannored Civilians

Mild mannered civilians Bruce and Clark

8 Months old… EIGHT, already! Can you believe it?  It was MY birthday (33 years… ALREADY!) on March 21st, coincidently – it too was the boys 8 month mark.  Guess who got the recognition??  It’s ok though, I’ll take a backseat to these two any day!  They are getting so big lately – they are starting to outgrow their 6-9 month clothes at this point.  WHY don’t they stay little

Superhero Crime Fighters Batman & Superman!!

forever?  These first two pictures here were so fun to take.  We got these shirts back for the baby shower, and I have been DYING to put them on (but they don’t fit me) ever since!! Well, finally, they are big enough and of course, I’ve got to have my fun.  First mild mannered Bruce and Clark are just sitting around chilling, then crime strikes – and BATMAN and SUPERMAN are here to save the day!  Love it!  I think I should get a super villan shirt and we can all wear them together.  Too bad Laura doesn’t get to participate in this… well, lets be honest, I don’ t think she really wants any part! 

So, along with growing, they are starting to get around quite a bit.  They don’t walk yet, nor crawl – although they are very close to crawling – they both get up on their hands and knees, all they have to do is put it together now.  But where they are really getting around is in their little cars – walkers to many, cars to me.  You’ll see, look at em go in this video aptly titled “The Marcella Boys – Taking a Spin”.  I am petrified when they don’t need those cars anymore, and start tearing around the house like this!  Logan is SO good with his car, he manuevers his way around the island in the middle of our kitchen with ease.  I also firmly believe Logan is going to just pick himself up one day and start walking – skip the crawl completely!  Oh boy, Grandma is in for it when that starts!  Anyway – enjoy the video! 



The Marcella Boys – Say Peas! February 21, 2012

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By: Gary Marcella

Logan the Pirate

You may feel the need to immediately jump to the video’s in this post and skip my commentary – who can blame you, look at those FACES!!  Resist the urge… R…E…S…I…S…T!!!  Still here? Good! I have to face the facts, you’re here for The Boys, not my nonsense – I have to take the attention when I can.  SO – as you may have guessed, it was PEA time in the Marcella Household on Sunday (No, not PEE time, that’s every day).  We’ve been eating oatmeal now for almost two months, and the doctor gave us the “green” light to start the “green goo”.  My mom urged us to make sure we get this on camera – glad we did.  Before we get to that – an update to you loyal blog followers (I know, I know – you’re more loyal than I am!) – 6.5 months – Grady 17.1lbs, 27″, Logan 18.4lbs, 27.25″ – they are BIG Boys!  They also are deceivingly mobile right now – Grady is going to pick up and crawl any day, Logan puts together 3-4 barrel rolls in a row and all of the sudden is under a chair and we wonder where he went!

Look at those CHOMPERS!

Grandma (my mom) watches the boys regularly now while we are at work – don’t know how she keeps up.

It’s really exciting every time we hit a milestone – they sit up pretty well now – almost all on their own, and I swear, they are saying DADDA – but then again, we swore that Logan once said “Thank You” so who really knows!  Where was I… PEAS!  So we got two video’s below – the first – SAY PEAS is their very first reaction to the peas, initially good (or indifferent).  That video is set to a little STYX music – enjoy that, I did making it!!  The video – PEAS & THANK YOU is sort of post initial shock, how do we REALLY feel about peas take on the event… it’s, its… classic – this is a MUST WATCH!

We certainly enjoy experiencing these moments first hand with our little (BIG) bundles of joy – we hope you enjoy the second-hand encounters as well!


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