The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

The Marcella Boys – Baby Races! May 4, 2012

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By: Gary Marcella

So as you can imagine, life with twins can get rather boring and monotonous.. hahah, yea right!  But sometimes we do have to do things to amuse ourselves and keep the babies entertained at the same time.  Baby Races was born last night!  Rules are simple – we stick the two kids at the far end of the hallway, and, that’s right, watch crawl towards us.  Simple, entertaining, and a potential revenue stream (kidding, I’m not going to be the kingpin of an intricate ring of underground baby race gambling.. never even crossed my mind!).

I learned something in the taping of this video – Logan will do ANYTHING to win, even if it involves taking out his brother!  Take a look, see for yourself!


One Response to “The Marcella Boys – Baby Races!”

  1. Grandmother Says:

    So cute

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