The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

The Marcella Boys – Take Two April 22, 2012

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by: Gary Marcella (Fixed the Problem with the video!)

The month of April has flew (flown??, you get the picture) by.  They weather has been fantastic, but up till today, the term “April Showers” was more like an April Fools joke than reality.  All the rain, and Laura away at a bridal shower today prompted me to put this video together of a recent photo shoot I’ll get to in a minute (HONESTLY, Don’t skip to the video…. read on – this is gonna be a good post).  With the months of 2012 flying by (nailed it), the boys are creeping closer to the year mark, while Laura and I are escalating in age at what seems to be a more rapid pace for some reason.  April 19th was Laura’s birthday, followed closely by the Boys 9 month milestone (lucky for Laura the boys didn’t trump HER birthday – but I’m not bitter).

This has been a HUGE month for the boys.  Grady sat up on his own for the first time, followed by Logan taking off crawling.  Grady, not to be outdone decided not only to crawl, but to start pulling himself up on things prompting me to not only lower the crib mattresses but also what I call “De-grownup-izing” the living room by taking away the coffee table, nick-knacks and tables which could topple.  The room would look larger, if not for the dozens and dozens of toys and such we just took out to replace the space.  I also find it funny that despite all the toys, I spot Logan playing with a plastic Gerber baby food container lid… unbelievable!!  Back to Laura’s birthday – as part of her gifts, I made an appointment for the boys and our niece, Mya to get some professional pictures taken.  (Laura’s other present from me was a pair of tiny boys swim suits that despite efforts, will not fit her).  We only have taken the boys to get pictures done once before, they were about 2 weeks old, and that was a disaster – so I am entering this very nervously.  The place we choose to go is in South WIndsor @9:50am, which adds to the stress levels having to drive 45 minutes.  We picked this place from an ad in the paper for a $9.99 package that had a ton of pictures – but let me just tell you, I walked out of there spending a tad bit more (they know what they are doing!). The photographer was nice, I do feel like she rushed us a bit, and there were some duds, and some really nice pictures – but none that made our JAW drop like we had hoped for.  Her quota was 60 pictures to take, she wound up snapping 123 shots (what can I say, she had some really, really cute targets to shoot)!

The following video is a montage of the majority of the pictures taken that fateful day – I wound up getting a package that included a CD with all the pictures (big surprise, right?).  Good news is that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these pictures the second I popped the disc in the computer, bad news is that due to copy-write rules, YouTube sucks, and this happens to be “Take Two” of uploading the video…  Anyways –  ENJOY (I did making it)… ( is the link in case below does not work)


8 Responses to “The Marcella Boys – Take Two”

  1. Jen Says:

    I couldn’t view the video 😦 cute pic though 🙂

  2. Hum, I don’t get it, I see it on my computer…

  3. Video problems fixed… Thank you Vimeo!!

  4. Dana Says:

    That was great!

    • linda Says:

      nice job, gary, beautiful kids, love keeping up with the updates, i work with your dad at walmart, can’t wait for the next one!!!

  5. Grandmother Says:

    Love the pictures

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