The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

The Marcella Boys – Taking a Spin March 31, 2012

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By: Gary Marcella

Mild Mannored Civilians

Mild mannered civilians Bruce and Clark

8 Months old… EIGHT, already! Can you believe it?  It was MY birthday (33 years… ALREADY!) on March 21st, coincidently – it too was the boys 8 month mark.  Guess who got the recognition??  It’s ok though, I’ll take a backseat to these two any day!  They are getting so big lately – they are starting to outgrow their 6-9 month clothes at this point.  WHY don’t they stay little

Superhero Crime Fighters Batman & Superman!!

forever?  These first two pictures here were so fun to take.  We got these shirts back for the baby shower, and I have been DYING to put them on (but they don’t fit me) ever since!! Well, finally, they are big enough and of course, I’ve got to have my fun.  First mild mannered Bruce and Clark are just sitting around chilling, then crime strikes – and BATMAN and SUPERMAN are here to save the day!  Love it!  I think I should get a super villan shirt and we can all wear them together.  Too bad Laura doesn’t get to participate in this… well, lets be honest, I don’ t think she really wants any part! 

So, along with growing, they are starting to get around quite a bit.  They don’t walk yet, nor crawl – although they are very close to crawling – they both get up on their hands and knees, all they have to do is put it together now.  But where they are really getting around is in their little cars – walkers to many, cars to me.  You’ll see, look at em go in this video aptly titled “The Marcella Boys – Taking a Spin”.  I am petrified when they don’t need those cars anymore, and start tearing around the house like this!  Logan is SO good with his car, he manuevers his way around the island in the middle of our kitchen with ease.  I also firmly believe Logan is going to just pick himself up one day and start walking – skip the crawl completely!  Oh boy, Grandma is in for it when that starts!  Anyway – enjoy the video! 



2 Responses to “The Marcella Boys – Taking a Spin”

  1. Grandmother Says:

    Well I guess you had a fun time together with the boys when Laura was working today

  2. MaryO Says:

    I was just thinking about you guys! They are adorable!

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