The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

The Marcella Boys – Eating it up! December 14, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Who wants to see the boys reaction to their first solid food? I do, I do! In actuality, it looks just like we’re feeding them formula from a spoon, because we gradually have to increase the consistency of the food.  For those of you wanting to watch on a mobile device, Sorry, YouTube is not allowing me to check the setting to release it,which may have something to do with the music rights in the video.  Anyway, enjoy from the comfort of your desk chair!


3 Responses to “The Marcella Boys – Eating it up!”

  1. Grandmother Says:

    great job

  2. Auntie Lissa Says:

    Auntie Lissa is so proud of you!!

  3. Kim Says:

    I think your going to have to hide the food from Logan when he gets bigger. He seemed to be enjoying it a lot more than Grady. ❤

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