The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

Changes… December 10, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella
When I started this blog, I was so excited Laura and I were having twins – I’m not sure any of you actually knew that, I think I played it pretty close to the chest. Anyhow, the months, days, even hours leading up to their birth, I shared EVERYTHING, to the extent that some of you may have even said to yourselves (or out loud) keep it to yourself man! Then something happened, they came early. It was unexpected, we were petrified at first, it was a change, they were a change, and boy did they change our worlds. What once was a quite evening on the couch became “let’s try to cram a half hour show on our DVR in before the boys wake up!” and when date night used to be a night out the movies is now “let’s watch this DVD on the couch, and pass out 15 minutes in”. These changes aren’t bad, just the way it is now. When once I could write 750 words in a blog entry (you know you read that one) – I now struggle to get a video out here and there, it’s change. By the way, I got a ton of raw video footage to put together another short movie for you…. but I’m getting off topic. The other day I was looking thru pictures on my phone and I couldn’t believe what I saw… CHANGE (wow, you are paying attention). I put together a few shots so you can see for yourself, it’s remarkable all this happened in 4 months!

Logan – days after birth, I almost don’t recognize him. Notice the blue monkey (duh Gary, how could I miss it!) he was born 5lb, 9oz for those that need a memory boost.

Logan at almost 5 months, notice the blue… you see it! He is now 15lb, 6oz – AND bigger than his brother!

Grady – days after birth. Full head o hair, 6lb, 10oz, a mini, mini, MINI spitting image of me!

Grady at almost 5 months… He’s 14lb, 15oz, his brother overtook him!

Together – these two changed so much since they were first born, but one thing hasn’t changed -our love for them!! They each have their own little personalities. Grady gives away smiles and laughs like it’s going out of style. Logan on the other hand is our little Mr. serious, you gotta work extra hard to get him to crack a smile, but when he does, it’s awesome. They both have blue eyes – Grady’s are light, a sky blue. His eyes are intense, and bug out sometimes – you can see the white all around them, it’s hilarious. Logan’s eyes are deeper blue, and when he stares at you, you can see he’s trying to figure something out. They both have teeth poking out in the same exact spot in their mouths – its so cute. There is only one change I dread right now… The diaper!


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  1. Auntie Lissa Says:

    Yay! The blog is back! Excellent post of course!

  2. Grandmother Says:


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