The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

“Covering” the rest of the Hospital Visit… July 29, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

The three most important people on the world to me!

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days, turns out having two newborns in the house is a bit challenging to juggle – who knew?? Anyway – I really want to wrap up two more entertaining stories from the hospital before I get to bringing the boys home (which we have for those of you who don’t know already).  This story involves the first time I changed Grady’s diaper (ok, you know where this is going). Here goes… Since the boys were in the SCN (Special Care Nursery) for a few days being preemies, Laura and I would go there every 3 hours (or whenever we want really)  to feed the boys and visit with them.  It was tough because they were in special care and needed as much rest and nutrients possible to get stronger.  I got really emotional while in the hospital, first because the best thing in the word happened, we had two BEAUTIFUL baby boys, and two, 36 straight hours of little to no sleep, delirium crept in at every turn.   One instance of the ugly guest was after a 9pm feeding, I decided it was time for me to just jump in and change Grady. The nurse was shocked and said normally they have to tell the husbands that it is required they change the baby in order to take it home, but here I was, requesting… ney demanding it!

Here I go, where did it go wrong?

I had watched the process once before – I just wanted to get my hands dirty (i got more than I bargained for).  Looking back at this first picture of me – WOW.  Grady is bare ass naked on the table and I am fumbling with the diaper – Mistake #1.  As I got the diaper in my hand, all of the sudden I feel something warm and wet on my wrist – what the…?  I look down and Grady is making me earn my …Waterfall Wings… my Pee’d On Plaque… my Stream Shield…my… I can’t think of any more, but the little guy was peeing on me.  So a normal person would react appropriately and perhaps cover up the wee wee – NOT ME – I react like an individual in a police drama who gets gunned down in slow motion!  I shout “Oh, man, he’s peeing – hands wide apart to my sides, not even dodging the

Me and Pee

stream.  The nurse is like “what are you doing? cover it up!!)  Check out the next picture of me – if you look close, you can see the carnage all over my shirt, and there’s even some flying in the air near my right shoulder (action shot – what a camera!).  I finally get it under control, Laura is holding Logan and dying laughing – which is extremely painful to her because of the surgery, but it was too funny.  Even the nurse was laughing, she said she’s seen many, many husbands change their child for the first time, but mine took the cake (thanks – awesome!) I am proud to report I have it down now, but I STILL can’t shake the stream – last night, as I was wiping Logan’s butt, I heard a strange noise… What the heck was that??  Well, it was his pee hitting the changing table – and all over his body and head.  I felt so bad, but it happens!  There it is, proof I took the golden stream to the chest and lived to tell the tale.


5 Responses to ““Covering” the rest of the Hospital Visit…”

  1. Auntie Lissa Says:

    That’s why I bought you a Wee Block Dad! Gotta protect my nephews from themselves! Lol great story, tears in my eyes laughing!

  2. MaryO Says:

    Luv luv your blog! So happy forbyou both!

  3. Grandmother Says:

    Oh yes too funny

  4. Janelle Says:

    That was freaking hilarious!!! I’m not anxious to experience the golden stream… I’m hoping for another girl!!

  5. Aunt Diane Says:

    Your too funny!! I love your blog. Will have to warn Michelle & Nick of the golden stream.

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