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Arrived July 21, 2011

Lockdown… July 23, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Yesterday was wild, today the pace is no different.. at least we were able to sneak some zzzz’s in last night. We’ve been trying to get the boys to breast feed and it’s been tough, from what we’ve read and heard from others, that’s pretty much the norm with your first child. So we (I say WE, but I really mean Laura) started yesterday and the boys ate good at first. By the 10 pm feeding shift last night, we were so beat we decided to start fresh at 6am today. I swear, I slept all of 5 hours and I felt like a million bucks this morning – Laura on the other hand did have a tougher night, but sill managed to get some sleep in. 6 rolls around and we head over to Special Care Nursery (SCN). Apparently the night shift doesn’t communicate with the morning shift, and they had already fed Grady. Well, my gain because I get to nuzzle and bond with the little guy for a while (photo below – how could you not get emotional looking down at that face?). Laura tries to feed Logan and my man is SLEEPY. The nurse instructs me to gently shake and rub his little feet to get him going, and I oblige. He finally finishes up with a bottle because he just wasn’t cooperating. They need to get some tests done, so we don’t get to stay very long. As we leave, the security door is acting funny, it won’t open. I finally back Laura up in the wheelchair and try again…works. As we pass the threshold, an alarm starts to go off, we forge on, and get to the next security door… It won’t budge. We try to figure what is going on as a nurse from SCN comes flying up to us and says WAIT!! She searches the wheelchair for the culprit… Logan’s security bracelet. Apparently while I was rubbing his feet, I rubbed it clear off onto Laura’s lap…oops! We caused a maternity floor lockdown… Lesson Learned!



2 Responses to “Lockdown…”

  1. Grandmother to be Says:


  2. Jen Says:

    no stealing the babies!!!!!!! They are adorable 🙂

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