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Arrived July 21, 2011

Living quarter upgrades July 18, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Wall and door art - the chair is getting upgraded too!

By now – you’ve read about Laura, you’ve read about the boys, there’s only two things left – so since no one cares about how I am doing, I’ll skip right to THE NURSERY!  I’ve had an opportunity to get some work done in the nursery under Laura’s iron fist… I mean tutelage.  I brought one of my den chairs into the room – it’s a rocker/recliner and although it fits – it is part of a two chair set, so there is only one arm. Its plush, comfortable, but my guess – trying to handle two babies with only one armrest will be more challenging than effective.  Luckily tomorrow we are going to Aunt Winnie’s house to check out a spare glider she happens to have.  I hung up the 3-D wall art on this wall – I didn’t want to hang them over the cribs just in case they fell, it would be bad.

Shelf and more art

Next, one of the things I did for this room was take an existing shelf we used to have in our office which held Laura’s traveling bear collection (oh, yea, we had to get a BIGGER shelf for those) and painted it brown to match the wall – along with the frame of the bee portrait that Mya gave us from her room.  We are going to place some precious decorations on that shelf – one of which we are going to get a really nice frame and put the boys newborn picture in it to keep up there.  Down the wall, we have some bee art over the crib that is plush, so if ever it did happen to fall off the wall (which it won’t because I nailed it directly into the wall), it won’t hurt the boys.  It was challenging to figure out where everything was going to go – I laid everything out and must have chosen every wall for every piece at one

Wall tree - with no leaves

point.  So now the areas over the crib next to the windows.  In the beginning, I had mentioned to Laura I wanted to do a tree decal on the wall… Laura laughed at me (more like called me crazy), but kept it in the back of her head.  So last week, she was looking online at Babies R Us and found these perfect trees, we immediately went there to take a look. This first picture is just proof that the trees came in pieces and I had to assemble them on the wall – giant stickers that stuck to EVERYTHING, except the wall sometimes!  But I got them completely up in a shade under 3 hours (I am a perfectionist)!

Tree with leaves and Bees!

Aunt Winnie called me a few weeks back and let me know about some bee decals that Babies R Us had too – so I managed to find them and added them to the tree, as if they were meant to be together. There must be 50 leaves on each tree – brown, yellow, green, blue,

Tree over one of the cribs

orange, and beige.  There are a total of 10 bees flying around the trees and light switches in the room.  Each tree has a little bee hive in it, and you can see some little flowers poking out of the brown border that the bees and dragonflies are hanging around.  All in all, we are extremely pleased with the result, the boys will have so much fun in this room for years to come!  I’m sure this wont be the last time you see something new in the nursery, but for now, it’s at least ready for the boys to enjoy!


3 Responses to “Living quarter upgrades”

  1. janelle Says:

    WOW! That looks amazing. You guys did a great job!

  2. Pam Caine Says:


    Everything looks great! Can’t wait to see pictures of the boys. Enjoy every moment, take many videos and pictures as time goes by so fast. Looks like you need to take a break! Relax now as babies do not come with directions – learn as you go and you will be real busy. Take care!

    Pam Caine

  3. Grandmother to be Says:

    Now that grandma to be has a NEW CAMERA. She will be posting pictures also. Thank you Melissa Gary and Laura. Looks great. Love it.

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