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Arrived July 21, 2011

35 Weeks ALREADY?? July 17, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Well, I need to make up for lost time – about 2 weeks of lost time that is, so all you readers are in for a treat – multiple posts!!

Laura at 35 Weeks

First of all – excuse time.  Since Laura has been on “home rest” she has been driving me cra… I mean politely suggesting I do something with my time, so it’s been non stop cleaning for me… office, garage, nursery, laundry, bedroom, yard… crazy busy. Well, we do need to get ready for the babies, so the work is worth it (I can say that now – when I’m sitting here writing, but I am surely saying other words when I am working).   Today we are at the 35 week mark, and I keep telling Laura (as well as the doctors and nurses tell her) she looks great for twins and 35 weeks.  I went back and showed her pictures from past weeks – and it’s really something to see her belly grow with the babies.  Also – we can clearly see the babies moving around now – literally – we see an elbow roll across Laura’s belly, or a head – it’s fascinating.  We have learned that Baby B REALLY doesn’t like having things resting on him.  I’ve told you before about B kicking the water glass resting on Laura’s belly… well it’s gotten 10 times worse.  He’ll kick water glasses, the NST monitors, the Ultrasound scanners, the heart monitors, my face if I’m too close… ANYTHING!  In one of the next few posts, I’ll get into some details about what the boys have been up to – they are mischievous.  In other news, we officially have our C-Section scheduled – August 15th – so in at most 30 days we’ll be blessed with meeting the boys face to face (as opposed to face to foot) for the first time.  We also met our Pediatrician – Dr. Stephen Maddox – whom we’ve heard great things about.  I loved him instantly when we were meeting him, Laura had a list of questions – one of which was “Will you see the boys at the same time?” – legitimate question, we need to make sure.  So he says to us – straight faced “No, absolutely not” then turns to me and winks – then goes on to say “The way it’s going to happen, I’ll see one boy before lunch, and one after lunch!!” AWESOME – you’re hired!!  In all honesty, the doctor was great and made us feel completely at ease.  Let’s see – what else…? Oh, the boys went to their first official movie – Transformers, Dark of the Moon – they LOVED it!!  They were stirring the entire time!  Laura has been very uncomfortable, the heat is NOT her friend.  The swelling in her feet goes and comes – I try to have her sit on the couch with her feet up or lay in bed and force he to drink water, water, water, water, water – its necessary!  The Braxton Hicks contractions have increased, her belly will get rock hard for a few minutes – and at that point, she has to relax and not stress herself.  It’s an interesting time right now – I wonder how much longer we will go.


2 Responses to “35 Weeks ALREADY??”

  1. Jen Says:

    You guys are in the home stretch now 🙂 You be nice to Laura it is hard for her not to do anything right now so when you are mumbling under your breath make sure it stays there lol
    August 15th is my parents wedding anniversary, can’t wait to see them 🙂

  2. Aunt Diane Says:

    Sooo exciting!! Can’t wait to meet the little trouble makers. Hang in there Laura!!!

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