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Arrived July 21, 2011

Numbers Game July 1, 2011

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By; Gary Marcella

I’m going to start by throwing out some numbers today – random, no – actual yes. 2 – the number of boys we are having, 21 – the day in August the boys are due, 32 – number in weeks we are along in our pregnancy, 40 – the number of little fingers and tiny toes they possess, 51 – the number of days till our due date, 113 – Baby B’s Beats Per Minute (BPM) of his heart today, 133 – Baby A’s BPM today, 229 – the number of DAYS into the pregnancy we are, 1,325…26…27 – the number of page views The Marcella Blog presently has, 1,521 – the number of diapers currently in the nursery (yep, we got another pack of diapers yesterday – did I just confuse you?).  This last number I am about to mention is fascinating to Laura and I – 10.7… what could that be?  Well that just happens to be the estimate of how many pounds of baby we have!   10.7 pounds of cute, cuddly little baby jam-packed inside poor Laura!!

Could be the last picture of A before we see him for real!

We went for our Level II ultrasound today and it was fantastic to see the boys again!  The technician (Mike I finally found out his name) let us know that it is going to be challenging to get a good shot of the boys because they are so big now – but he did his best for us.  As you can determine from the figures earlier – both boys are over 5 lbs now.  Baby A measures in at a not too shabby 5.2 lbs.  He is still camping out head down – closest to the cervix… I think he is so determined to beat his brother out of the shoot that he won’t budge from his spot (TMI – too much information?).   Both boys were very active today – its challenging to get the measurements – so challenging that A gave the scanner a kick at one point as if to say “Get off me!”

I think you can see Laura's rib cage under B's head!

Now B – in his breach position, weighs 5.5 lbs and is using Laura’s rib cage as his personal hammock!  There isn’t much room for them to move around in there at all.  So after all the measurements are taken, the ultrasound machine does its calculations and I notice on the screen a due date of 8/9/11 – and I ask the technician what that was? Mike said that the machine computes all the input information and concludes its own arrival date, and this machine has chosen this date to be the one apparently!  We’ll see how THAT goes!  The doctor then comes in to check Laura’s cervical length and it is in the normal range – which is a good sign she is not entering pre-term labor just yet!  She lets Laura know that she is doing a fantastic job of growing these babies, they look great!  I honestly can’t believe we are down to the wire already – it seems like just yesterday we found out we were going to be blessed with two of the most precious gifts anyone could imagine.  It’s flying by.  Well – numbers don’t lie folks, and that’s how everything adds up today!  Tune in again, I am trying to figure a way to get a recording of one of the babies hearts I took from my telephone uploaded to the blog.  It’s a great one, he had the hiccups, just precious!  Until next time everyone!


2 Responses to “Numbers Game”

  1. Grandmother to be Says:


    • Gary Marcella Sr. Says:

      Grandfather to be says, he is amazed that The “boys” and especially “MOM” is doing. Fantastic: can’t wait to spo errr… meet the little fellows.

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