The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

Diaper result… July 1, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

For those of you blog followers, you have a treat today – double posts to match our double babies!  First up, the answer EVERYONE has clamored for – exactly how many diapers were in the mound.  Well, if you guessed 936, you were – way off! The correct answer is 1,485 – or thereabouts (listen it was hard counting them all, I may have missed a pack).  Stay tuned later today for PICTURES, our Level II ultrasound was this morning – Week 33!

Who wants to guess how many?

By my calculation - these diapers will last 2.5 months... WOW!


2 Responses to “Diaper result…”

  1. Grandmother to be Says:

    That # 1485 is what I guessed

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