The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

Jam packed with excitement… June 23, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

If we didn't have that organizer...

As I write today, the sky is grumbling and spilling water everywhere, lights flickering about… Happy Summer everyone!  Lots has happened since my last post – most notable the wicked summer solstice crept its way in and caused uncomfortableness within the household.   By far, the best decision we EVER made was to replace the central air conditioner last year – I can’t imagine what it would be like in here without – most likely muggy, sticky, and cranky.  We are well into our 31st week of pregnancy, and there are no signs of the nausea passing us by – it’s getting frustrating.  It’s also getting increasingly harder and harder to sleep – possibly the babies are just trying to prepare us for what nights will be like once they are born.   Good news tho, the doctor has approved Laura for home rest starting July 1 – hopefully no more swollen feet and overly tired days post July.   We also have to start going for NST weekly starting next week.  NST is a non stress test, and it’s a half hour test where they start to plot and predict the babies heart rates at half hour increments each week, and determine what patterns, good or concerning, with their little hearts and how they may behave during strenuous labor.   They stick monitors on Laura’s belly and record the BPM (beats per minute) of each of the babies for 30 minutes.  It’s often tough to do this with twins, as they are constantly moving around (as our are).

Look at that RUG!!

I originally posted that some doctors say 33 weeks is full term for twins… well not our doctor.  He says 37 weeks is full term, and when we were discussing options for a C-Section, he won’t even schedule one for before 39 weeks!!  I mean, it’s great they want the babies to be fully developed so they have the best possible chance to come home right away.  Of course, if Laura goes into labor earlier, they alter the plans, but if these babies stay put, it could be a long July/August for us! !  Wait and see is the new plan!  The boys are doing very well, they are so active, its a great sign – just uncomfortable for Laura.

In closing, I thought I’d share a few shots of the nursery today – we got a few more goodies, and the room is looking great.  LOOK AT THAT CLOSET!! I can’t believe how jam packed it is with clothes already!  Check out the tiny Yankee Hats in one of the cubbies, those things are AWESOME!  There is also a bin on the bottom of the closet, and a box in the top full of clothes too!!  Thanks to Alane for the closet organizer, I don’t know what this would look like without it!!  Also, check out the RUG – it’s awesome!  Thank you Kim for this one, it fits the room so well! Jessica Smith and Julie provided the tiny clothes hamper (right next to the crib on the left).  Michele G gave us the little bins next to the crib on the right. Big thank you to Katrina as well for the sound machine – the video online for that thing is incredible, stopping the babies from crying within seconds! We also found a real cute bee lamp on the night stand in the middle at Babies R US we bought thanks to the numerous gift cards we received!  Upcoming events – NST Tuesday, June 28, and our Level II Ultrasound July 1.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Auntie Lissa Says:

    I especially love the picture of the nursery with the little outfits waiting to be filled with baby hanging on the cribs! Looking forward to the World Premiere of The Marcella Boys DOUBLE FEATURE! Healthy and Whole is the way we want them to go! (err come?) Glad to hear the babies will most likely be staying in place whist I am cross country. Wait for Auntie Lissa guys!! Love you all.

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