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The house is too small! June 11, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

For a few weeks now, Laura and I have joked that once we had the baby shower, we were going to find out real quick that our house is too small… well guess what – its true!!  Laura’s baby shower was last weekend – and big thanks to our parents

Shower Favors

and sisters – Dana, Linda, and Melissa.  They all did a great job organizing the shower and making sure every last detail was seen to.  Also a big thanks to my friend Michele, who helped design the labels for the favors – they were perfect!!

No more Monkeys Jumpin in the bed!

I am going to try to show some pictures, and give credit where credit is due for the gifts, I wasn’t there so I am going off a list, if I miss your gift or miss credit, I apologize in advance.  What I can say for sure is that everyone was so incredibly generous – thank you all for the much-needed baby gear, toys and essentials!  Lets get going!!  I thought it would be fun to feature the Monkey A and Monkey B in the pictures – Thank you Karri for the monkeys. The hand knit hats the monkeys are wearing – little beehives – thanks Erin, they are really nice!  I mentioned the cribs before, but thanks again to my grandparents, and parents for the cribs, and Aunt Loretta for the bedding.  Mobiles were from Janine and Alane, and blankets came from Judy, Jessica & Julie, and Aunt Rose.

Sitting up in the Bumbo's

Next the Bumbo’s are great for helping the babies sit before they

Taking a bath!

actually can sit up.  Thanks Melissa for the neat seats.   Our next monkey is taking a bath in his brand new pooh tub, courtesy of Elaine.  The tub toys frog organizer is from Melissa.  Then we have the monkey carriers – Karri wrapped these up really great like a gift basket, she did a really

Our infant carriers - that's how the Monkey's arrived!

fantastic job with it.  Let me just interject for a second here – not only to fill space for the next picture, but to let everyone know how overwhelmed I was when I first walked into the shower after it was over to pick up the gifts… WOW – I can’t believe how many MASSIVE things we registered for.   It took 3 cars to get everything back to the house.  I put the car seats in the attic for now (not pictured) courtesy of the Depillo family, those things were massive – I  don’t know how you got them there!

Going for a stroll??

Continuing on – our monkey’s want to go out – and that requires the stroller.   Thanks to Patty for getting us the stroller -this thing is awesome, and the infant carriers snap right into the stroller!  Hopefully we will have the desire to actually go out with these two little handfuls we are about to encounter!

They're not trees, but the Monkeys found something else to swing in!

So basically Monday – Tuesday this week I spent my days starting to assemble these big items – they don’t make em so easy a baby can do it – but they couldn’t stop me in my tracks!! The swings are awesome, these things have 6 speed settings, music, white noise, hanging turtles, PLUS they detach and become bouncers!  Thank you to Erin and the BF Library board for the swings!  Our closet is full of clothes too – thanks to Alane for the closet organizer, and everyone like Donna, Michele, Jennifer, Aunt Sharon and Sharon and Katlin, for the clothes, and if I missed you, sorry again!

Whew.. thank goodness these diapers aren't full!!

Lastly I just want to thank our sisters again for all their hard work.  Melissa really had a great idea for the shower with the “Double Feature” theme – Laura and I met while working at the movie theater back in 1996 for those who didn’t know – so this theme was very appropriate.  All the games and favors came together just perfectly – the centerpieces Linda and Dana made were a perfect fit, and the twin booty diaper cakes that Dana made were just so nice, and perfect because we need plenty of diapers!!  I hope everyone who was there had a great time – thank you to all again for being extremely generous, and I hope you all had a great time!  Oh – one more thing, babies are good – I think they can’t wait to play with all their new stuff.  Laura and I have  been stopped in our tracks recently with the amount of moving they are doing – it’s pretty awesome.  Thanks again, we have the best family and friends EVER!!


4 Responses to “The house is too small!”

  1. Auntie Lissa Says:

    The pictures came out awesome, the monkeys look great , I love them! The Bumbos look great too!!

  2. Christine Says:

    I love seeing your excitement as you wait for your twins arrival…… Wait until the first time they recognize you and smile at you words can’t even describe that little gummy smile that you will see. Congrats and enjoy every minute 🙂

  3. Aunt Diane Says:

    You guys are so cute! Love the blog!

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