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Cruiz Control June 3, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

What a GREAT day!!  This morning we went to our 28 week ultrasound and I just have one word for you AWESOME!  Now it wouldn’t be me to just write you one word, so let me expound.

Baby B's lil digits!!

The second we walked off the elevator to the 3rd floor at Waterbury Hospital this morning, I knew this was going to be a good visit.  It was there I saw a familiar face – the very first Ultrasound Technician we had at the hospital, the BEST one in my opinion!  He was waiting for us at the front desk and just as eager as us to get this started.  The FIRST thing out of my mouth when we got into the room was not “hello”, nor “hi”, or “nice to see you again”, it was “WE WANT PICTURES TODAY”!!  He chuckled and said no problem.  Please keep this in mind, I guess mum was the quality of these pictures we get whence agreed upon providing, but hey, I’m happy to see the boys… sort of see the boys!  Lets get into the deets (details for those of you who don’t speak 13 year old girl).   Both boys are excellent – and I’m happy to report if you took the OVER on the pounds with me, WE WIN!  The boys were behaving themselves very well this visit, no fighting at all – in fact they were chillin most of the time, perhaps napping – from their long night of keeping Laura awake.

B covering up from the Paparazzi!!

Baby A was first up – as always, he is in the vertical position (head closest to cervix) not crown position as I have referred to it in past posts.  The tech said “Crown is when they’re coming out – you don’t want that yet, do you? Vertical is the term” Ha… oops.  Anyway, we got to see his face really well, saw him blinking his eyes and, of course, it wouldn’t be A if we didn’t get a flash of his business!  A measures up at.. wait for it… 3lb, 6oz – and his heart rate is 128 BPM (like I said, he was chillin).  For some reason, the tech couldn’t, or didn’t get us a picture of A, he tried to tell us one of the pictures was indeed of A but he labeled it wrong, but I think he was just pulling our chain – like we can tell right?  So now on to B… Shy Guy!  Baby B is now the little brute of the bunch – his measurements… 3lbs 11oz… OH YEA! His heart rate was 138 BPM.  The reason I call him shy guy – the last few times, he has had his hands in front of his face, I think he senses the paparazzi already and won’t give us the satisfaction of a perfect picture.  You can sort of make out his two hands in the first picture above, and the tiny lil fingers (use your imagination people!).

B Striking a pose!

Second shot is sort of a half profile shot, where you can see his hand right in front of his face too.  The last shot is the best of the bunch here today (sad, I know but hey) you can see his profile, his little nose, and his knee, he’s sort of in the fetal position (now I know why they call it that).   B is in Breech position – feet down and head up.  He’s been sitting on Laura’s ribs recently making it quite uncomfortable for her… literally, we can see his lil tushy sticking out of Laura’s side sometimes when we are resting on the couch, I get uncomfortable just LOOKING at her, I can’t imagine how it feels.  I digress… So the Doc came into the room and said the most significant words of the day “You guys are in cruise control right now!”. Basically we are in the third and final trimester and a lot of the significant milestones and complications that could have occurred are in our rear view mirror waving us goodbye (Thankfully!).  I am still cautiously optimistic, but I’ll breathe my sigh of relief once the little ones take their first breaths – neither of us can wait… well we can wait a BIT longer!  They measured Laura’s cervix and he called it about 3.11cm, which is excellent right now.  The Doc was very happy, and in turn that was very reassuring.  All in all – GREAT DAY!  Thanks everyone for reading… OH, and on a BLOG note – someone late last night was the lucky 1,000th viewer!  Whomever you are – you win a prize – a free lifetime subscription to “The Marcella Boys” blog!! (I can’t claim that joke for my own – another blog I read, PFT, the author uses that joke all the time and it was appropriate in this situation).  Thanks again, stay tuned!


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  1. Aunty Lissa Says:

    Aww, thems my babies!! Good job boys!! (and Mom & Dad too!) We have a VERY busy weekend but we’re in the home stretch!! Love you all!

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