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Arrived July 21, 2011

Laura Week 26 – the Bee’s are kicking!! May 17, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Laura 26 weeks, paying tribute to the nursery with her shirt choice!

We just past the week 26 mark and I was able to get another picture of Laura in her usual spot to post.  The doctor (and all the books we have been reading) have let us know that she’s at the point where here center of gravity has shifted and her body is automatically adjusting – which in turn is giving her back quite a workout.  I went out and got her a pregnancy back brace as a Mothers Day gift and she’s been using it for the past week, and let me tell you it makes a HUGE difference.   She has been feeling good lately, she’ll go a week or so without getting sick, but then a week straight of getting sick – so unpredictable.  But on the flip side, she does seem to have more energy, so that’s a plus!  Last night was awesome, we were chilling on the couch watching some TV, and Laura was drinking a glass of water (she has been cursing me out for making her drink so much water, I give her at least 7-8 glasses a night – and she constantly has to go to the bathroom).  As she was resting the glass on her belly, Baby B kicked the glass – literally, the glass moved and startled us both.  Perhaps a bit cold, or he was just being a schvote (antagonizer in Italian I believe, as my grandmother would call me – OK still calls me).  It’s been really entertaining – typically after we eat a meal, the boys are really active, and we can feel them moving around quite a bit – it’s exciting to feel.  Our next ultrasound is June 3, and rest assured I am going to be SURE to get some photo’s this time.  We also have a checkup next week – so perhaps some more good posts will come from that.

One crib set up with the bedding - The Bee's

I also have an update to the Nursery, we have one mattress and both of our bedding sets, so I was able to put together a crib mostly to give everyone an idea of how the beds will look.

A bit closer detial of the bedding

A bit closer detail of the bedding

Let me tell you – those bumpers are supposed to be easy to put on – but MAN they are NOT!!  I had to unscrew the edges of the crib because of the way the corners are on this particular crib, the ribbons do not go all the way around the corners.  Well worth the extra work tho, they look great.  A big thank you to Aunt Loretta for the bedding, and to Dana for keeping the mattress around for a few years so we could use it.  One last note – I have been asked by many about our registry, so I figured I would make it easy to access by adding a page to the blog.  If you click on the “Baby Registry” link at the top right of the page in blue, it will bring you to the links page for Target and Babies R Us.  Thank you again everyone for your help, and continuing to enjoy the blog!  Stay tuned, it’s getting exciting!!


3 Responses to “Laura Week 26 – the Bee’s are kicking!!”

  1. Grandmother to be Says:

    Laura looks wonderful.. The cribs looks great

  2. Auntie Mel Says:

    Love love love it!!

  3. Aunt Diane Says:

    I think your amazing!!!

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