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Drumroll Please… THE NURSERY! May 12, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

It’s nearly 2 am – and I am wide awake.  Nope, it’s not because I slept in today – I actually was up at 8 am, and it’s not because I sat around all day and did nothing – I was hard at work.

A reminder of how this started

It’s because for the first time in about 3 weeks, I was able to walk into the nursery and see almost a complete picture – I was able to envision the boys spending their precious moments in the room. There is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment associated with this feat – as well as a hint of “What’s Next?”.  My mind is racing and what better way to slow it down than a little BLOG entry (I actually was coerces by a few loyal readers to post tonight – and I thank you).  Without further ado , let’s get started!  First picture, I want to remind every one of the BLANK canvas I had to work with, the former guest bedroom – literally, never touched this room with any sort of color since moving into the house.

The doorway to the Nursery, looking in

In actuality – until recently, it was the only place in the house that did not benefit from a facelift when we moved in.  When I started painting, it took me a while (about 2 walls worth) to figure out how to use the painters tape to the best of its ability.  My first wall, I had to take a razor blade and press it along the tape THE ENTIRE WALL so the green would not rip up.  Later, I figured out that if you paint and pull the tape before it has a chance to dry, it works so much better!  Also, a neat trick, running a credit card over the tape strip before you paint to ensure there is a good seal and no paint leaks behind it. So a few things to remember as you view the photos – it’s not done.  I have to tell myself that most of all because I truly am a perfectionist when it comes to details, and as soon as I step in the room, I see things that still need to be done.

Still the doorway - peaking around the corner

We are getting a chocolate-brown eclipse window panel – the light blocking kind.  The sun rises on this side of the house and quite frankly we’d like to keep the boys asleep as long as possible, so KEEPING IT DARK is key!  The current maroon one throws the room off a little bit in these pictures – please ignore! Also one other thing that kinda gets me as I look at the room is the end table in between the two cribs.  This was an existing piece, so naturally it does not match the espresso finish on the new furniture.  I think it fits well in that spot, so I am most likely going to sand it down and re-stain.  I just want to take a moment to thank very much my parents and grandparents for the nursery furniture – without your help, this reveal would not be possible, so Laura and I deeply thank you, we love you all and don’t worry – you’ll still get a thank you card in the mail!  Now – check out the height of the cribs and the bottom brown on the

Good shot of the changing table

wall – I’d like to say that I painstakingly measure the cribs and made sure my lines matched up, but I have to be honest – DUMB LUCK! I am so glad it worked out, they look perfect – kinda looks like I know what I’m doing, right?  I must have played around with 10 crib configurations in the room before sort of settling on this one – so this possibly isn’t the ultimate final layout.  This morning, I started crib #1 and it took me about 90 minutes to finish – I got hung up a bit on the drawer on the bottom of the crib – crib #2 was a cake walk – finished just shy of 30 minutes.  My dad brought the changing table by at about 9:45 tonight – that one took me about 45 minutes to put together.  I learned all the tricks about the tracks on the drawers, so the pesky 3 drawer changing table was a walk in the park by the end!  Laura was THRILLED when she came home from work to see the progress made on the room – she agrees too that it’s starting to feel real.

Corner of the room, looking towards the door

And yes, I realize that she has two babies growing inside her, that’s as real as it gets, but there’s something to be said for getting the room ready – it’s psychological.  Well, I just glanced at my word count and I am up to 790 already for those of you still awake – thank you.  Those of you who nodded off during this entry – WAKE UP, wipe the drool off the keyboard and get back to work!  As we start to incorporate more and more elements into the room (rugs, bookshelf, art, bedding, etc…) I will periodically update the blog with nursery picks, but for now, I hope you enjoyed your mini tour into THE MARCELLA BOYS Man Cave!!  I’m going to head down the hall one last time to bask in the victory before heading off to sleep!  Until next time…


5 Responses to “Drumroll Please… THE NURSERY!”

  1. Aunty Mel Says:

    Yay! Blog! Theres gonna be babies!!! Looks fantastic Gary, you must feel really good about the progress you’ve made. You and Laura are gonna be great parents.

  2. Grandmother to be Says:

    I knew when your father dropped off the changing table you could not resist to put it together. It looks great. good job. LYNH MOM

  3. Elaine Says:

    A mobile over the crib would be nice. Are you planning on getting one?

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