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Arrived July 21, 2011

Past the halfway mark… May 3, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Well, this Sunday marked week 24 for the boys development inside club Laura – and a busy week it has been. Remember, that by some doctor’s beliefs, twins are considered full term at 33 weeks. Today we went for our Level II Ultrasound and let me just start by letting you know we are pretty disappointed with the level of communication we had with the technician and the doctor for that matter.  First off – apparently you have to tell the technician ahead of time to give us some pictures – which we have not had to do any other time yet – so needless to say, no pictures from this visit.  Baby’s A and B are doing very well – B was taking a little nap during the exam, he just didn’t want to move at all.  He must have been tuckered out from jumping on Laura’s bladder last night!  We got to see some really great images during this visit, but we always had to prompt the technician like “That’s Baby B’s hand, right?, That’s Baby A’s Face?” it was frustrating, but good to hear the babies are well.  It looks like from the measurements – B has caught up to A, they both weigh 1lb 13oz – in the 91st percentile in growth.  I only caught B’s heartbeat this time 135BPM – it was a miracle I got that much information out of them.  Some amusing moments during the visit – the technician was telling us that A was kicking away at B, and he didn’t understand why B wasn’t retaliating, or reacting at all – UNTIL he noticed that B was actually sitting on A’s face… hahah – why move, he has the advantage, right? We got to see a decent image of A’s face – we could see his little nose and lips, it was extremely exciting.  Also – at one point, while B was on his little siesta – he had his hands crossed over his head, it almost looked like he was flashing some gang signs, don’t know where he got that from.  Lastly – A gave us a wave with his tiny little hands, it was a great way to top off the otherwise frustrating visit.

In mommy news, Laura has been having some pretty bad back pains – who could blame her, the babies seem to be growing by leaps and bounds.  I swear, sometimes she leaves for work in the morning, and when she comes home, it looks like the babies grew!  She has tolerated it well, and I have tried to have her rest when home as much as possible – so yesterday, she “instructed” me on how to do laundry – boy was that not cool… but I gotta keep Laura and the babies feeling good.

In nursery news – this was a real tough decision, but I have opted NOT to post a progress picture to the blog.   The room is coming out really great, and Laura and I are extremely impressed with the look.  I want to have a big reveal next week to give everyone something to look forward to (captivating the audience and guaranteeing a repeat visit).  My Parents and Grandparents have ordered the cribs and furniture for the room (BIG thanks to them!) which should be in later this week.   Hopefully all goes according to plan – as it’s going to rain pretty much for the rest of the week giving me ample time to get this project done indoors.

More to come – stay tuned…


One Response to “Past the halfway mark…”

  1. Auntie Mel Says:

    Hey now, 33 weeks is my birthday… Hopefully they’ll chill a little while longer for their health! LOVED the B on A’s head.. I couldn’t stop laughing! It earned me some funny looks at work. Love em bunches already! Take care of our girl!!

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