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The Nursery April 27, 2011

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By:  Gary Marcella

Well, it’s been a few days since my last debacle, I mean post – let’s catch up on a few things.  First and foremost – Happy Easter to everyone (better late than never right?).  Laura and I had a great day Sunday.  We started the day in church where between all the Alleluia songs and the pastor’s riveting sermon, the babies have really taken a liking to church service – they were moving around in Laura’s belly quite a bit all throughout the sermon.  Laura let the pastor know the babies appreciated her sermon and the pastor was moved – enough to ask permission to feel the babies.  It was very nice – but as Tina, one of my Facebook friends, pointed out to me – “Just wait till they (the babies) are sitting on your lap throwing grapes at the lady in the pew in front of you!” I thought that was amusing.  Next up – Easter dinner at Aunt Winnie’s – where we got to see Laura’s side of the family and eat some tremendous food!  Great to see everyone.  Then – we headed back down to Waterbury to see my family (Mom, Dad, Aunt Lissa, Grammy and Papa) – and got some of Grammy’s famous Pizzagaina (Pizza Gain for those not Italian, or pretending to be Italian).  It was great to see them as well.  Busy, busy weekend!

I am just about finished with my first major project of the spring – The Shed (more on that another time – perhaps when it transitions from “Useful Shed for Daddy’s Tools and Lawnmower” to “Marcella Boys Fort Headquarters”).  Next up, I want to tackle The Nursery!!

New home for off season clothes

Since it was a crummy day Monday – I decided it was about time to get cracking on this project.  First goal – reclaim the nursery closet.  You see, since the room formerly know as the guest bedroom/clothing storage is going through a transformation – we need to find somewhere else to store our “off-season” clothes.  I started by packing up the winter sweaters and hanging up the polo’s into the master bedroom closet.  Laura did the same, however since she is rather pregnant, she left most of her summer clothes in the bins for next year.  Now – where to put them.  Let’s see – closet in office – nope, jam-packed with other stuff, hummmmm… down in the basement? Nope – I seem to remember 7 inches of water appearing out of nowhere – who knows if that will rear its ugly head again, hummmm… there’s only one place left – THE ATTIC!!  I got some helpful half pallets from good ‘ole Waterbury Companies warehouse and decided to re-arrange the attic space a bit to make room for the clothes.  By the way – who knew clothes could be so heavy??  Those bins were a beast to get up there – I am not liking this new location, but it’s necessary.

Starting to map out the colors

Then I got out my handy pencil, level and masking tape and started going to work.  We are planning to do a “Bee” theme for the nursery – a moniker that Patty Clarke coined when I first told her about the babies before I released the news to everyone at work.  Laura and I started calling the boys “The Bee’s” after that to ourselves, and when we saw the bedding set at Target – we immediately knew it was going to be the theme of the nursery.

First artwork for the Nursery

I then took down an existing  painting in the room and just hung up one piece of art we have for the nursery – our inspiration.  So – now that I jumped in, it is getting easier to finally get cracking on this project.  We have literally been staring at the color swatches for a month now – just thinking it would get easier to pick the right one (it doesn’t).

How many different colors of GREEN can there be?

We selected the brown (Prairie Foliage), and the green is tricky.  We don’t want it too dark (olive) nor to light (mint) – there is sort of a tint in the middle we are hoping for – and finally just tonight, it hit us – Chopped Chive (middle green on left of brown – het hem, Prairie Foliage I mean).   So the Chive is going to be the horizontal stripe all the way around the room (in between the blue masking tape) – Foliage is going to be a 3 inch stripe directly under the chive – as well as a 1 inch stripe an inch and a half above the chive (with white in the middle).  Don’t ask me how I came up with the concept – I just sort of started drawing lines (Kinda like Issac on the show Heroes if anyone watched that when it was on – his power was he could paint the future, his eyes would get white and he would paint – when he “came to” there would be a picture of future events… so just like that – only not at all).  So I’m off to buy the paint Wednesday – before we decide for some reason that we like Meadow Twilight instead – not gonna happen.  Wish me luck, I am going to need it!!


2 Responses to “The Nursery”

  1. Aunty Mel Says:

    You guys are so creative! That room is going to look awesome when its done!

  2. MaryO Says:

    As always luv your blog! Can’t wait to see the finished room!

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