The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

“Manning Up” and the Week 21 Ultrasound April 12, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Look Close, Baseballs and Footballs! Baby A 21 Weeks

I received a great deal of feedback from my previous inspirational post – A Perfect Pair of Daffodils – much more than any post to date.  Overwhelmingly positive, but there were a few digs on me saying I needed to “Man Up” with future posts… Daffodils Gary??  One thing I know for sure – I certainly can’t please everyone each time I write, but those of us “In the Business” (Marketing Lingo) know that I am hitting my Target Demographic 100%, especially that last post – and my overall approval rating is through the roof.  So those of you who want me to “Man Up” – the following blurb is for you… Basketballs, baseball, football, football, football – running, hiking, fishing, fishing, Eagles, skateboards, scraped knees, camping, Yankees, dogs, soccer, soccer, soccer, UCONN, baseball bat – hockey, karate.  Whew… Now you can stop reading and me and my demographic can go back to enjoying the following words!  Seriously tho – I am comfortable enough with my writing to share it with everyone and accept any feedback, good or bad, I do hope you continue to read – doesn’t mean I wont throw in digs of my own every now and then.

The bottom of Little A's foot (extreme zoom)

Today was a big day – the Echocardiogram and week 21 football, et, hem – I mean ultrasound.  We had to venture out to Yale New Haven Hospital for this one – and I am glad we did because the equipment and technician were top-notch here.  So we walk in the doctor’s office and immediately I feel like the nurses are looking at me like “what’s this froot loop doing having kids?”  Why you may ask?  I was literally wearing a Kellogs Froot Loops t-shirt, no lie – (who has two thumbs and is a Dad to be? This Guy Right Here).  Anyway – so getting on to the twins.  I am extremely happy to report EVERYONE is great, the boys are healthy, Laura is feeling good, and Toucan Sam couldn’t be prouder.   I am also happy to report that today was Baby B’s redemption day – more on that in a few, but first A measures in!  This would be Ultrasound Technician #4 for us – and the only constant is the fact that each one has told us how not shy A is, it is starting to become very comical.  The echo part of this test was amazing – we heard the heart from all different places, making sure the 4 chambers were functioning properly, and hearing very distinct sounds for each section. 

Profile of Baby A - with Baby B's Foot lurking in the background!

A’s heart is thumping at 153 BPM – in the normal range, and get this – he weighs in at a whopping 1 lb 2 oz!!  We got a little surprise while looking at A – check out the picture to the left, you can see B’s foot pressing against the membrane separating them (upper left – just above the umbilical cord) – cute, but this was our first glimpse that B was out for revenge from the head stomps he suffered a month ago!  So it’s time to take a peek at B and see what he is up to.  He was being a real stinker today, moving all around and making it extremely difficult to measure.  We finally got every measurement we needed.  B’s heart is thumping at 133 BPM and weighs in at a whopping 1 lb, 1 oz!  The tech said that normally they are thrilled if the twins are within 20% growth of each other – THE BOYS are just 6% off.  Also both hearts are excellent – no signs of problems, very strong. Great News!  Now on to the redemption phase.  B decided after the last look-see he wasn’t going to let his brother push him around this time, he was going to take matters into his own hands – or feet as fate would have it.  So the next picture is my favorite of the bunch today – first off because to the untrained eye – it sort of looks like B has a massive biceps and is flexing his fist in front of his face as if to say “Bring It” (Masculine Fighting Reference? Grrrrrrrrr…). 

B giving us a little crunch before swimmers kicking his brother

But knowing what the picture is actually makes it a bit funnier (to me anyway).  So in this picture, B is actually curled up – to the effect his knee is touching his nose – picture it.  Now literally seconds after this snapshot – B fires his legs out directly at his brother -the membrane separating them, and nails his brother right in the tummy!  Take that you big bully!! My boy, standing up for himself – all manly and stuff… good job son, but team up WITH your brother next time, and never pick on others!!

Wow – today was a long post, almost as long as Mark Teixeria’s home run the other day (am I doing good here with the manly references?).  Just another glimpse into the life of the twins.  Thanks for reading! Go Yankees!!


5 Responses to ““Manning Up” and the Week 21 Ultrasound”

  1. Michele Correia Says:

    You have fighters on your hands.

    But Boo hiss on the Go Yankees!

  2. Aunty Lissa Says:

    I was ready to pass out asleep after work but reading about my nephews has given me some new energy!!! Love those boys so much already!!

  3. Grandmother to be Says:

    Love it

  4. Elaine Says:

    Fascinating. I think the Marcella twins are so very lucky to have a father like you Gary. You are going to be a wonderful dad.

  5. Aunt Diane Says:

    Can’t wait to meet the little bruisers!

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