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Arrived July 21, 2011

Whip My Hair Back and Forth April 1, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

Laura finally made the Blog – 19 weeks!!

Ok – so to read this entry, you have to get the song “Whip my Hair” by Willow Smith in your head, and don’t pretend you don’t know it, or that its not already in your head!!

Now on to the post.  I finally convinced Laura (sort of) to let me put her picture on the blog.  After about 37 pictures and retakes – I had to cut bait and make an executive decision that she looked beautiful in this photo and it was the one I was sticking to.  Well I’m not the executive at this point – so putting my foot down didn’t go so well.  She’ll eventually figure out I put it up, by then it will be too late, mmmuuuuuhahahahah – (that’s my sinister laugh for those of you out of the loop)!! April Fools Dear??

The other night – we are sitting around watching the show Castle – for those of you who don’t watch it, you are missing out, hilarious!  Anyway – Laura has been feeling good and bad on and off – but the heartburn is the only constant – awesome right?  This was a good day.  So we are huddled under a down comforter on the couch, nice and toasty, and Laura looks as if she is going to enter dreamland at any second.  Me being the great husband I am – decide its time to get the boys fired up!! (You thought I was going to say rub her back or something like that, didn’t you??).  The show goes on pause and I start talking to the boys – giving them kisses and rubbing them.  Just like that – they awake from their slumber and immediately start moving around.  I can feel them now, very subtle – but it’s the most awesome feeling.  Laura can obviously feel them too, and with every move, she always appears startled, as if she has never felt it before, real cute.   So I spend a good 5 minutes paying attention to them, talking to them, demanding they behave – and boy does that not work!!  Laura exclaims “Oh man, I think Baby B is rubbing his hair directly in my esophagus – can you get me a Tums?”  B as you may recall from my previous post is the culprate with what the Ultrasound Technician explained has “quite a head of hair”!   Laura, mind you, was seconds from la-la-land not long ago – is now bright awake and starts in the chorus of whip my hair back and forth, whip my hair back and forth!!  We sat there for another 5 minutes and just laughed – Great Night!!  I cherish these moments!


2 Responses to “Whip My Hair Back and Forth”

  1. Kim Says:

    Laura, Beautiful picture and Gary you totally lost the executive status (and any other status you thought you might have had, So sorry as blood in this case isnt as thick as mother hood.) – Let me explain this to you.
    You have 1 vote. That’s it just one. Laura on the other had has her vote, two more votes due to the fact she gets to vote on behave of the babies. also she gets (This is according to Callie on Gray’s Anatomy) two vagina votes. After she has to push out those two pumpkins… well, need I say more.
    Gary – 1 Vote
    Laura – 5 Votes
    Maybe if you are really nice to her she will throw you a vote or so.
    Hint: Maybe next time you want to rub instead of rumble. Just sayin…

    Laura utilize the power while you have the opportunity.

  2. Cheryl Allen Says:

    Laura, you may not feel well but you look absolutely wonderful! Motherhood certainly agrees with you!

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