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Registering, not just to vote anymore! March 29, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

The Double Stroller - Cadillac of Twin Transport

Well, I’ve done it now – I got everyone hooked with my compelling stories and I ran out of steam yesterday!  In typical writer fashion (sure, I consider myself a writer now) I block up when the going gets good.  My muse Laura suggested I tell the story about our trip to Babies R Us to kick off our registry – great idea, that day was a blast.

It was me, Laura, Dana and Mya – for those who are not familiar, Dana is Laura’s sister and Mya is our 5 (soon to be 6 Uncle Gary!) year old niece.  So we start the day off by bringing everyone (Dana contests we kidnapped them)  to go see the Mazda 5 I would later buy (read the blog entry “From Monte to Mazda” if you haven’t already).  It was supposed to be a quick trip for Laura to see the car, I already drove it, but we wound up negotiating a price in a shade under 3 hrs, not bad!  Thank goodness they had a “Kids Only” play room at the dealership that kept Mya busy.   Anyway, I digress – we finally get to the store and immediately Mya is like, well… a kid in a toy store – she’s flying around, riding video games, using giant binoculars, bouncing balls – crazy!  Luckily Dana – who has been through this baby thing before, was well-organized on what we needed.  After quickly signing up, we were off with scanner in tow. 

First stop – the stroller.  So this thing has it all, cup holders, brakes, a cargo basket, sun shades – and the best part, the two infant carriers will snap into it.  So I take the thing down off the shelf and start running up and down the isles checking out its handling and maneuverability – I gotta make sure this is top-notch for THE BOYS!  Mya is loving my moves, Laura and Dana are both immediately embarrassed to be with me!  Rides good, a little bumpy, but perhaps because it’s the floor model, don’t worry – I will get a brand new one!  Beep – registered, we’re on the board!  So from there on out – infant carriers, pack and play, boppies (is that the plural of boppy – and better yet, what is a boppy?) bouncers and swings, WOW – where am I gonna fit all this stuff in my house… and where did Mya go now?  Kidding, we knew where she was a good 75% of the time we were there.  Toward the end – Mya is starting to lose patience and wants to “help” us register faster.  She starts bringing random items to me to scan like toys, plates, bibs, bath supplies and coincidently, they are all little girl items – how cute!!  She is now getting frustrated because I don’t scan any of her things, so I start to fake scan them.  I think my “Beep” sound I was making tipped her off and later that night she said to Dana “Uncle Gary didn’t scan any of my things” – awwwww – but seriously, lesson learned, don’t bring a 5-year-old to Babies R Us!!!  Whewwwww – enough for one day, we’ll continue this tomorrow (that was two weeks ago, still haven’t gone back).


2 Responses to “Registering, not just to vote anymore!”

  1. Michele Correia Says:

    You realize, of course, that the boy in the back will easily be able to kick the boy in the front with no repercussions, right?

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