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Arrived July 21, 2011

Level II Ultrasound – 3.22.11 March 26, 2011

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By: Gary Marcella

This will most likely catch everyone up for the time being – but this appointment was too good to pass up a post for.

A nice zoomed in view of Baby A's upper body and head

So our Level II Ultrasound was at Waterbury Hospital on Tuesday the 11th, everyone hyped it up that we were going to have a great view of the babies and it was going to be super in depth – it was cool, but way over hyped.  We only got two pictures, but one is CLASSIC, let me get into this story and you’ll know.

So the babies were very active this particular day, and basically the point of the Level II is to measure the babies and create a baseline so they can track the growth.  So the technician gets us into this ridiculously hot room,  which was nice because most of the doctors offices we’ve been to were freezing.  He starts by saying “If at any point you start to feel dizzy or going to faint, let me know sooner rather than later – I’ll sit you up or give you a wedge for under your feet”.  This was odd, but later Laura said it was so damn hot and dry in there, she can probably understand why people would pass out.  Anyway – so the technician is looking for views the baby is going to “Show” him as he put it, they are basically moving targets and he takes what he can get. He measures the head, belly, femur, and gets shots of the little toes and tiny fingers.   He says right away that Baby A is not hiding his business, he ain’t afraid to show it – Oh boy!!  So they then look at the heart, take pictures of the 4 chambers, his heartbeat is 152 bpm – looks great to us!! Kinda wish the Technician talked to us a bit more about what he was measuring, would have helped.

Baby B getting scanned, and his brother showing off his kicking skills

Now it’s Baby B’s turn to shine.  First thing right out of the gate, the technician is like “Ugh, this little guy is killing me”, we look at him sort of baffled, and he says “He’s standing on his head, hard to get some of the shots” – so we start laughing, Baby B – the trouble maker…so we thought!  As we’re zoomed in on B’s head, all of the sudden we start seeing Baby A’s foot – KICKING HIS BROTHER IN THE HEAD!!  Check out the picture, it is soooo funny, we were rolling laughing at this one, Baby A seems to be the trouble maker now!! So the technician gets all but one shot – he can’t seem to get B’s little fingers – oh well, maybe next time.  B’s heartbeat is 147 bpm.   So wrapping up – the technician says “Boy, Baby B has quite a head of hair!!” Now I don’t know what exactly he was looking at, I didn’t see anything remotely resembling hair, but he’s the professional right?  If he saw hair, there is hair.  Laura is convinced he is right and now blames Baby B every time she gets heartburn!  So from the measurements – we found out that Baby A is 11 ounces, and B is 10 ounces – again, big boys at this stage, Laura is getting nervous!  I keep telling her it’s good they are big, they are healthy.  Somehow she keeps thinking to 20 weeks from now when they have to pass “THROUGH WHAT??”  Well – that was the Level II, we get one of those a month from here on out.  I am laughing out loud as I finish typing this entry – looking at Baby A’s Kung Fu moves!  ahahha – it’s gonna be one wild ride with these two.


4 Responses to “Level II Ultrasound – 3.22.11”

  1. Auntie Lissa Says:

    So Baby B will look like you and Baby A will act like you. GOT IT!

  2. Michelle Provost Says:

    Gary & Laura,
    I looked at the pics above on my Droid phone and didn’t really get but am now looking at on the big screen, that picture is highlarious! Glad everyone is happy & healthy! xo

    • Albert Salcedo Says:

      Both my wife and I are still laughing. I’m calling Dana White to get Baby A signed to a UFC contract! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic journey. I look forward to the next update.

  3. gmarcell79 Says:

    Albert – I am already drafting my letter to Dana White right now!!

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