The Marcella Boys

Arrived July 21, 2011

Twins!! March 24, 2011

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By:  Gary Marcella

Welcome everyone to The Marcella Boys official BLOG!  I have been convinced by many of my friends and family to set up a blog so that everyone can track the progress of THE BOYS as we affectionately call them.  Without further ado, let me introduce you to them:

Introducing Baby A –

Here is Baby A - our 1st Boy, little did we know B was a boy too!

This was our first glimpse at what appeared to be an actual living human baby – we were extremely excited to see this little body for the first time!  As we prepared for the Ultrasound – the technician asked us if we wanted to know the sex of the babies, and as you can tell from the blog name, we said YES!!  Now going in, we didn’t expect to find out this early, Laura was only 13 weeks along (February 15th).  As she rolled the scanner over the first baby, she stopped to take a picture and I noticed right away and shouted IT’S A BOY!! Laura looked at the screen baffled and asked me “What in the world are you looking at?” but I knew, and the technician confirmed.  I didn’t put that picture up, not sure if Baby A or B would appreciate me broadcasting their business all over the internet! As you can see, he looks so precious!!  90th percentile in growth at this point so he is a big boy!

Introducing Baby B –

Here is Baby B - I'm a BOY TOO!!

So we then scroll over to Baby B – it’s on the maternal right (I think…) of Laura, and basically from here on out, they will always be identified the same – A is closest to the cervix (that I know for sure) and B is maternal left (again, I think…) of that.  B is a little bit more shy than A, we had to move around a bit to finally see the goods – BOY #2!!  What’s great about this picture is you can see his brother’s head in the lower right corner – near his butt.  They label each picture Baby A and Baby B because let’s be honest, I have no idea which we’re looking at, and at one point, I was convinced the technician didn’t know them apart either (I jest, she was a professional… I think…).  B is a tad bit smaller than his brother – 87th percentile in growth, he’s not far behind at all!  Basically at this point, Laura and I look at each other and we just KNOW what the other is thinking… We’re in for quite a handful!!  We couldn’t be happier!

So that’s THE BOYS – causing trouble for their mom already.  Laura has been nautious on and off since the beginning, but the days between are getting further apart, which is great news!     On a side note, anyone who knows me realizes I’m not the greatest speller in the world, spell check is my best friend.  Well, spellchecker is not working so good on this blog right now, so please overlok any mistakes! (Come on – that one was on purpose!)


2 Responses to “Twins!!”

  1. Kim Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this it makes me feel a bit closer. I can keep up with Lauras and the boys progress from over 3000 miles away. With pictures. Congrats.. Daddy and Mommy Marcella
    Love you guys and my thoughts are with you

  2. Aunty Lissa Says:

    I am SO glad you’re doing this… i LOVE IT! Love you two (four) I can’t wait to meet my nephews!

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